M.Sc. Marcel Blöcher

position Research Assistant
eMail bloecher [at] dsp.tu-d. . .
office S2 | 02 A307
postal address TU Darmstadt - FB 20
FG Programmierung verteilter Systeme
Hochschulstraße 10
D-64289 Darmstadt


Important: This page is not updated anymore. Please check my new page.

Research Interests

Distributed Systems,   Cluster Resource Scheduling,   Service Function Chaining,   In-Network-Processing

Open Theses and HiWi positions

I’m actively looking for students (theses, projects or HiWi positions) who are motivated and interested in the following subjects.

  • Programming of distributed systems using Scala/Java/Rust/Go
  • Low-level programming of distributed systems/networking devices using C++/Mirco-C/eBPF
  • Applying machine learning techniques on distributed systems’ problems
  • Kubernetes, Apache YARN, Apache Spark, Apache Flink

Interested? Send me a short description of your topic of interest.

Short Bio

I am a PhD student at the DSP-Group. I received my master and bachelor degree in Computer Science from the Technische Universität Darmstadt. Since 2016, I am a member of sub-project B2 in the CRC 1053 (MAKI). I particularly conduct research in the field of resource management of cloud resources and applications. Cloud systems are large complex distributed systems characterized by heterogeneity, multi tenancy, geographical dispersion, and burstiness. Considering the mapping of resources and demands, there are fundamental tradeoffs between cluster utilization and application performance. Controlling these tradeoffs with respect to given requirements constitutes an interesting challenge. In 2017, I received a two-years Software Campus grant.

Selected Publications

  • Marcel Blöcher, Lin Wang, Patrick Eugster, and Max Schmidt: Switches for HIRE: Resource Scheduling for Data Center In-Network Computing. In: ACM Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems (ASPLOS), to appear 2021.

  • Marcel Blöcher, Ramin Khalili, Lin Wang, and Patrick Eugster: Letting off STEAM: Distributed Runtime Traffic Scheduling for Service Function Chaining. In: IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications (INFOCOM), Toronto, Canada, 2020.

  • Marcel Blöcher, Tobias Ziegler, Carsten Binnig, and Patrick Eugster: Boosting scalable data analytics with modern programmable networks. In: ACM DaMoN, Houston Texas, USA, 2018.

  • Marcel Blöcher, Malte Viering, Stefan Schmid, and Patrick Eugster: The Grand CRU Challenge. In: ACM SIGCOMM 2017 International Workshop on Hot Topics in Container Networking and Networked Systems (HotConNet), Los Angeles, California, USA, 2017.